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Sicario - Homeland Security Command Centre

Postby Almax » Thu Nov 19, 2015 12:19 pm

I really like the camera coverage of this scene where Kate gets her mission in the glass office. There is quite a bit of dialogue and lot of set ups but never dull and repetitive. It appears if the shot list of what lines are covered from where was carefully considered.

I remember I worked on a film once where we had 6-7 actors around a table and achieving the coverage took 3-4 days! Excruciating. I was wondering if you can recall how you worked out blocking in this sequence.

I am guessing that the actors did a few read throughs to get the scene down.

Also did you shot from the Jib or move to tripod? There is one roving P.O.V. as Kate enters but the rest is lots of statics with interesting frames compositionally.

There are moments outside the room looking in as well as vice versa. All in all a lot of carefully considered work.

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